Strategic  Planning!

The Prime Group Approach

In 1954 Sony defined its mission as,

“To experience the sheer joy of innovation and the application of technology for the benefit and pleasure of the general public.”

Sony defined its vision as,

“Become the company most known for changing the worldwide image of Japanese products as being of poor quality.”

And the rest is history…

Like Sony, The Prime Group Strategy Development Service helps your business develop strategies to fulfill your mission and vision.  The Prime Group helps:

  • Clearly defines your mission and vision. Your team knows where the business is going

  • Aligns objectives, strategies, and action programs with the mission and vision. Bonds your team and departments to a path for achieving the vision

  • Facilitates a process that results in your team building a strategic plan it owns and believes in
  • Includes tools to continually measure performance versus goals, allowing your team to track progress, identify problem areas, and make necessary adjustments.

Mission & Vision Defined.

Strategy Developed.

Mission & Vision Accomplished.

Developing strategies that win…

Our services include:

  • Staff Assessments – We provide you the tools to gather valuable input from your staff, board, and key stakeholders via interviews and surveys.
  • Customer Assessments – Your business is about serving customers. We include their input to help you capitalize on what’s working and eliminate what is not.
  • Customized Planning Conferences – The Prime Group organizes and facilitates planning sessions with your team that result in clear goals, objectives, and strategies.
  • Plan Documentation and Performance Monitoring – A plan is only as good as its execution. The execution begins with documentation. The Prime Group produces a strategic plan document that your team understands and is easy to follow. In addition, we help you create a performance dashboard so you can monitor your progress versus goals.
  • Review Conferences – Our review conferences assemble your team to analyze where your business is relative to the strategic plan and helps you make adjustments if required.

“Your Vision… Strategically brought to life!”

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