At the Prime Group our experts help businesses with simple, practical tools and hands-on services to create and execute better strategies that boost revenue & market share.

Your business has distinct functional areas.   Marketing has to develop strategies to ensure sales and revenue; administration/operations must strive for efficiency and cost effectiveness when conducting its responsibilities; financial management’s task requires maximizing profits and cash flow; while management’s challenge is coordinating all of the pieces and steering the business in the right direction. The challenge these dynamics present is organizing them to work harmoniously, moving in the same direction toward the same goal. The Prime Group’s Strategic Planning Service helps you meet the challenge.

Our approach to strategic planning that integrates all of the key areas of business while delivering clarity and consensus among your team members on where the business is going and how it well get there. Our strategic planning process is designed to reveal your business’s optimal opportunities and create a realistic and actionable strategy. Our process includes:

  • Business Assessment – We get to know your business. How it works, why it works, and identify the problem areas.
  • Customized Planning Conferences – The Prime Group organizes and facilitates sessions that engages stakeholders in an inclusive process that result in clear goals, objectives, and strategies; and produces a measurable, action oriented plan.
  • Plan Documentation and Implementation Guide – A plan is only as good as its execution. The execution begins with documentation. The Prime Group produces a strategic plan document that stakeholders understand and that is easy to follow. In addition we produce an Implementation Guide that keeps you on track toward achieving your strategic plan goals and objectives.