GNEC is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation which provides entrepreneur development services in the form of workshops and business consulting to small businesses. For over 20 years GNEC has been a significant resource for small businesses in the Greater Newark, NJ area. 

Urban Entrepreneurs Development Institute (UEDI™)

GNEC’s Urban Entrepreneurs Development Institute, helps new business owners start their businesses and helps existing businesses develop plans to grow. The program provides the participants a working understanding of the fundamentals to operate a business, helps them develop business plans, and improves their business decision making skills. Those that are starting a business also learn the process for starting a business i.e. what to do, in what order and how.

During its existence GNEC has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs via its workshops, business consulting and financial services and is regarded as one of the industry stellar programs.  However, during the past few years the funding environment in GNEC’s industry has changed.  Available funding dollars have contracted and funders now seek greater impact from the grants they provide.

As a result, GNEC must expand the reach of its services to new markets, needs to increase the number of clients served and must identify viable means to serve constituents who are not able to attend live workshops, all without significantly increasing its cost,

GNEC engaged The Prime Group to formulate viable options to solve their expansion and service delivery challenges.

 The Prime Group Business Startup Services, Online Business Classes 

Allows GNEC to expand reach of technical assistance offered through UEDI by tapping into the efficiency of the digital market space. As a result, GNEC expands in market, provides easier access to those who face challenges associated with on location workshops, and creates more impact with program dollars.

The Prime Group’s 5 Step Business Start® System

An online program provides GNEC a practical and efficient means to accomplish its goals of serving more clients and creating greater impact with program dollars.

The success of 5 Step Business Start® as a “classroom” training tool utilized in GNEC’s Urban Entrepreneurs Development Institute (UEDI) inspired the organization to use the system for its online initiatives.

  • It provides the organization the ability to serve clients outside its traditional market area. Benefit: Expands GNEC’s market and brand footprint, while increasing the number of clients served, all without additional cost.

  • The online offering allows GNEC to serve prospective and existing business owners who cannot access UEDI program on location. Benefit: More individuals served, increased market impact without additional cost.

  • GNEC is also a 5 Step Business Start® affiliate. As an affiliate, GNEC provides access to the 5 Step Business Start self-study to its clients. When a client purchases the system after visiting GNEC’s website, the organization earns a percentage of the sell. Benefit: More clients served, more earned revenue without any additional cost.

  • The Prime Group’s 5 Step Business Start® online program provides GNEC the vehicle to accomplish its goals. The increased number of clients served increases the overall program impact while making more efficient use of the organization’s resources. All of which makes GNEC a good investment for funders.

Educational Alternatives With Clear Benefits:

The use of online technology places GNEC on the leading edge among its competitors in service delivery in this non-profit sector, allowing the organization to create greater impact for its constituents and funders.

“Like most non-profits, GNEC is exploring ways to deliver our services to more people without increasing our cost. The Prime Group has provided an ideal solution for us.”