With our team of business experts you can feel confident knowing you have an experienced resource available for simple questions or more complicated strategy development.

An effective small business development program provides practical, realistic, marketplace based learning to prospective an existing small business owners. The challenge for most small business development agencies is access to skilled and experienced subject matter experts who can fulfill the need.

  • Business Start Workshops/Boot Camps conducted by business owners – ensures your program’s clients are learning from a source that has done it before. Practical/realistic/marketplace based guidance increases the number of business starts and enhances their success. No theory, no text book based learning.
  • 5 Step Business Start® – System provide a practical, easy and proven approach to starting a business. Defines what to do, when to do it and how when starting a business.
  • Expert Technical Assistance – Our approach to technical assistance for your clients is:
  • Subject matter experts provide guidance that is proven and effective
  • Zero in on the problem, define a work plan to address it and assist your client on implementing the solution. Resulting in a more successful business
  • Equip your clients with problem solving skills, resulting in better business owners.