Husband and wife, Norman Nixon and Debbie Allen are renowned figures in the fields of sports, entertainment, business and philanthropy. Together they founded the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA)  a non-profit organization that offers a comprehensive dance curriculum to students ages four and up.

The founding principles of DADA are based on the belief that arts education defines discipline, creativity and self-confidence. These principles empower individuals whether they pursue a professional performing arts career or not. This is for LIFE.

Their name recognition has proven to be an invaluable asset when promoting DADA and its productions.

When Name Recognition Is Not Enough:

In 2014 DADA embarked on a five city tour of its original production, Brothers of the Knight. The Philadelphia tour stop was scheduled on the 4th of July holiday – where name recognition alone would not ensure success. 

The Prime Group’s strategy…

With the production slated for three shows and in direct competition with a slew of 4th of July holiday events – many of them free-our focus was to:

  • Use social engagement, video and local events to get the word out.
  • Leverage the Philadelphia art community’s admiration and affection for Debbie and convert that into passionate support.
  • Use Brothers of the Knight “behind the scenes” stories to facilitate a deeper connection with the market.

Prime Group Custom Marketing Management:

Use Social Media to engage targeted audiences, exclusive video interviews with Debbie Allen & behind the scenes rehearsal footage along with local events resulting in…  packed shows for Debbie Allen’s “BOTK”.

Local Engagement Event

The Prime Group produced an artist’s forum featuring Debbie Allen.  

During the forum, attended by 300+, Debbie shared her vast experience and expertise in film, television and dance; provided live critiques of projects by three local artists; (one receiving an offer from Debbie to assist further)  and engaged in dialogue with the audience.  

As a result of her up close and personal participation, audience members were filled with enthusiasm and encouragement. The Prime Group capitalized on that energy by providing the audience hashtags and social addresses to like, follow, and share, which they did.  This provided tremendous promotional momentum for the production.

Social Media Campaign

The Prime Group recruited local arts organizations and a team of local artists to serve as social media/local market ambassadors.  

Their familiarity with and credibility in the arts community gave our promotional efforts a level of authenticity and power.

The ambassadors were provided with fresh content for daily tweets and posts on popular social media platforms.  In addition, they received access to rehearsals and the production’s cast, and first access to video content which allowed them to connect their networks to the production in a personal and intimate way.

This created a viral impact which translated into ticket sales.  

Storytelling Videos

A major promotional asset for Brothers of the Knight was that the majority of the cast were children, some of whom resided locally in the Philadelphia region.  

The Prime Group produced video content featuring cast members’ personal stories, closed rehearsals, and interviews with Debbie talking about the kids.  This content  was used extensively in the social network/media campaign.  

The youth oriented content, highlighting their stories and talent, created a desire to support the kids that resonated in the market and again resulted in robust ticket sales.

The Prime Group did a remarkable job developing and executing a marketing strategy that made our production successful during a competitive July 4th holiday. In fact, thanks to their strategy Philadelphia was our best tour stop.

95% Capacity At Shows

100% Increase In Social Engagement

50% Increase In Brand Awareness